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Happy Near! Set Your SMART Goals!

Happy New Year!

Many of us are eager to set up our New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there: losing 20 lbs, eating healthier, going to the gym, and so many more. These are all good ideas to have coming into the new year. However, coaches and therapists all agree that goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. People now often use the acronym “SMART” to refer to these goals. In other words, saying that one wants to eat “healthier” needs to be framed within these parameters.

One congregant said that his new resolution is to honor his spirituality more, to feel better connected to God. but also this spiritual goal needs to be “SMART.” Even though one considers our church traditions “rusty” or old – or even untimely, the relationship with God needn’t be that way. On the contrary, it can and should be a “smart” relationship. The season of Epiphany, in which we enter on January 6 until the season of Lent is a time where we consider what it means to be spiritual in a “SMART” way. What are specific ways for you to be in relationship with God? Are there specific rituals at home or specific prayers you could revive or invent? How often do you do them? Do they make sense and can they be achieved? In the season of Epiphany, we remember that God made a commitment to Jesus, just as much as God makes a commitment with us. God loves us and wants our love back. Of course, in our Christian tradition that does not mean that we have to abide by all kinds of rules. It would be unattainable for someone with an everyday life and full-time work to follow the life of a friar in a convent. but is there a way to add a small prayer to your life on a daily basis? Or perhaps on a weekly basis? Is there a moment during the week in which you feel you can include a meditation or a 5-minute Bible reading? What kind of SMART goals can you set yourself in regard to your relationship with God?

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Care for creation is at the core who we are as people of faith

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We cannot love God if we hate our brothers and sisters

The Climate Clad Blog

The “Climate Clad” blog is a spiritual and practical resource for those engaged in the fight to prevent escalating climate change and ecological disaster. The blog is written by members of our Climate Team.

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