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Music at Eliot Church

Eliot boasts a cherished and thriving music ministry that lies at the heart of its worship and vibrant community life. With a profound understanding of the power of music, the people of Eliot have embraced it as one of the most significant forms of expression in their devotion, their unity, and their dedication to serving a higher purpose. The resonating melodies and harmonious notes that fill the sacred space elevate the worship experience to new heights, evoking emotions that transcend the ordinary and connect the congregation with the divine.

Eliot Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir accompanies our weekly worship services on Sundays at 10:00 am. They sing sacred choral music from a diversified sacred choral literature of a variety of music styles. Rehearsals begin on Sunday morning at 9:00am.

Contact our music director Monique Weiss Byrnes to join in the music!

Eliot Church Pipe Organ

Our organ was installed by George Bozeman, Jr. and Company in 1987 and has been enhancing our worship life through music ever since. In addition to leading our hymn singing and worship Sunday mornings, our organ is the center of concerts and learning opportunities throughout the year.

Music Groups

The Eliot Church is home to a variety of musical groups: some have regular rehearsals in our space and some have seasonal ​performances here.

Check out the websites of these groups by clicking on their photos: