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Climate Work

At Eliot, the belief that care for creation is a divinely commissioned activity forms the core of our environmental philosophy. We recognize that the Earth and its resources are gifts entrusted to us, and it is our duty to act as responsible stewards. This perspective compels us to go beyond mere acknowledgment of environmental issues; we actively engage in initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of our planet. Our understanding of this divine commission inspires us to take action both within and beyond the confines of our church building.

Environmental stewardship is not limited to the walls of a church; it encompasses the world around us. At Eliot, we embrace this understanding wholeheartedly. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet through various initiatives. From implementing sustainable practices within our church operations to organizing community clean-up events, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. We recognize that small actions can lead to significant change, and we are passionate about inspiring others to join us in our mission.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond our own congregation. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, both secular and faith-based, to address environmental challenges collectively. By engaging in interfaith dialogues and partnering with local environmental groups, we aim to foster a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of our planet. Through these collaborations, we hope to inspire a broader movement of environmental consciousness and action, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. At Eliot, we firmly believe that caring for creation is a universal calling, and by working together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Climate Clad Blog

The Climate Clad Blog is written by Eliot’s very own Climate Care Team. It contains curated tips for sustainable living, interviews with inspiring activists, and so much more!

Our Building

Eliot Church is a Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MassIPL) Success Story, and our boilers are one of the reasons. In December 2014, The Eliot Church building received the EPA’s Energy Star designation! From MassIPL’s profile of Eliot: “The net results of all the improvements? Eliot has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 46%. Although conversion to a high efficiency gas-fired heating system accounts for much of that, Eliot’s overall energy efficiency is also high. The average house of worship in the Northeast U.S. uses 50 kBTU of energy per square foot. In 2013 Eliot used 28.9 kBTU per square foot.”

A History of Environmental Leadership

For 20 years, Eliot Church has been at the forefront of faith communities in the Greater Boston Area working towards a sustainable future for our church facilities, for our members, and for the broader community.

View Our Leadership Milestones

Joined MassIPL

Installed programmable thermostats and new zone values for five heating zones within the building

Hosted a community showing of “An Inconvenient Truth” sponsored by MassIPL

Installed roof insulation and high-energy fluorescent lighting

Members held a community work day to clean radiators and seal fireplaces

Members walked across the Commonwealth in the Interfaith Walk for Climate Rescue organized by Religious Witness for the Earth

Eliot Energy Efficiency Evangelists lowered their personal carbon footprints by engaging in a Lenten Carbon Fast using David Gershon’s “Low Carbon Diet” workbook

Planted 70 street trees in Newton in cooperation with the UCC’s Re-leaf Ministry, MassIPL and Andover Newton Theological School

Rev. Tony Kill active in promoting a resolution at the annual meeting of the MA Conference which endorses, Bill McKibben’s grassroots organizing campaign

Made a large capital investment in new high-efficiency, gas-fired boilers and heating distribution system

MassIPL’s Leadership by Example Award awarded to Eliot, and accepted by Rev. Tony Kill and Doug Stuart at MassIPL annual meeting

Members obtain Mass Save home energy assessments as part of MassIPL’s Noah Challenge

Multiple Sermons and Adult Forums on Climate Change; September observed as a Season of Creation in Worship and Sunday School.

Five Eliot Members walk in the People’s Climate March.

Plans continue on new ways to reduce Eliot’s Carbon Footprint and to support those affected by climate change.

Earned EPA’s Energy Star certification, with an energy efficiency rating of 91%.

At Eliot Church’s fall congregational meeting, Eliot members voted to install solar panels on our roof and to working in the coming year to increase our divestment from fossil fuels from 15 to 20 percent.

Eliot is part of Answering the Call: An Interfaith Gathering for Climate Action – and participates in the Massachusetts Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action.

Associate Pastor Reebee testifies at the State House as part of an interfaith delegation in favor of Carbon Pricing.

Eliot partners with MassIPL for a Sustainable House of Worship (SHOW) Forum to share best practices with other churches, and with 350MA/Newton to host a Carbon Pricing Forum.

All interior and exterior light fixtures retrofitted and LED bulbs installed

Eliot Church Member Vince Maraventano testifies before Massachusetts legislative committee in support of a bill to put a price on carbon.

MA Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Creem addresses congregation about pending climate and energy bills, and guest speakers hold two climate change forums

Eliot forms new Creation Care Team.

We take Creation Care Voter Pledge to vote with climate change as a priority

Environmental Vehicle Day, showcases the benefits of electric vehicles

As of March, 2023, the 25 kW rooftop solar array generates  more electricity than Eliot uses. It has generated 196,243 kW of electricity as much as it would take to charge 8,177 electric cars. The array has avoided 118 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to burning 17,238 gallons of gasoline. 20 % of our electricity production is donated to Brighton-Allston Congregational church UCC.

Many Years
Participate in Charles River Cleanup work days on Earth Day