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Women’s Spirituality Gathering

What began as a coffee meeting at Panera Bread decades ago, our Women’s Spirituality group gathers on a regular basis in our Eliot Church parlor for meditations, discussions and a space for personal conversations. Over the years, Women’s Spirituality group meetings became a space of trusted people here at Eliot.

Through deep listening, vulnerable and authentic sharing, storytelling, stillness and grounding, we seek to grow and deepen in our spirituality and in our identities as God’s beloved. Every gathering begins with a time of meditation from 7:15 to 7:30pm. Then, we have a time of conversation and discussion until 8:30pm. Suggestions for topics are always welcome!

The Women’s Spirituality Gathering takes place the first Thursday of the month and is open to all. In the interest of maintaining a safe, confidential, and intimate atmosphere, we invite you to email us in advance if you are interested in attending.