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Did you welcome a new member to your family? Or do you feel called to get baptized yourself? Congratulations! Baptisms have been celebrated for thousands of years. They are a rite of passage for many people. Celebrating baptism is a beautiful way to celebrate the birth or adoption of a new family member. For adults, getting baptized is also a way to mark a new chapter in one’s life. For us, baptism is one of the most sacred moments in the church. We at the Eliot Church offer the sacred space for this lifetime moment.

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At Eliot Church, we offer baptisms in two ways. The most common way for a baptism to happen is during the Sunday worship service at 10 AM in the sanctuary. The other way is at a special ceremony for you and your loved ones on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Below, you can find more information about baptisms.

How much does it cost to get baptized?

At our church, all baptisms are free services. There is no fee.

What is a baptism and why is it important?

The baptismal rite is the oldest ritual in the Christian church and goes back to the time of Jesus of Nazareth. This ritual was considered a symbolic way of expressing the wish for leaving the past behind and entering a new life. The past is washed away; the future is now. But we also consider it a Divine blessing for our lives. For that reason, in our Christian traditions, baptism has evolved into a rite of passage for newborn babies and young children to celebrate their life on earth among us. But there are still many adults who choose to get baptized.

Since the origins of Christianity, baptism is considered the Christian initiation rite through which one becomes a member of the church universal. In many churches, baptism is the basic requirement to become a member and receive pastoral services.

Are there any requirements to get baptized?

There are no requirements to get baptized. However, many people wish to have a Godfather/-mother/-person at their side who accompanies them during their baptism. Think about whether that might be something you are interested in, and whom among your family and friends could take on such a role.

Finally, getting baptized is a “once-in-a-lifetime” ritual. If you have been baptized as a child, you cannot get baptized again.

How often can I get baptized?

Baptism is a choice that one can make only once in a lifetime. While there are churches that do not recognize other churches baptisms, we are in agreement with most other Christian traditions to recognize their baptism as valid.

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