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Please find below some helpful information about induction stove tops and how they are beneficial for the environment.

What is an induction stove top?

An induction cooktop is a stove that uses magnetic fields instead of direct heat. You use an iron pan with an induction stove, the magnetic current gets the iron particles excited so they start moving faster and heat up.

Why is an induction stove top better for the environment?

​An induction cooktop doesn’t use natural gas, so we don’t use up the planets non-renewable energy as much. Recent studies also showed a correlation of the use of natural gas and longterm chronic illnesses such as asthma. Induction stove tops also create no pollution directly because heat is created simply through a magnetic field. Thus, induction stove tops are more efficient than electric stove tops because less energy is needed by creating heat through the magnetic field than through direct heat.

Why is an induction stove top safer to use?

Have you ever been burner on a hot burner of an electric stove, or gotten too close to the fire of a gas stove? With an induction oven you can place your hand straight on the burner and it will be cool to the touch, not hot. If a hot pan was resting on it then it might be warm but it doesn’t create its own heat. Also there have been several studies linking growing up in a gas oven owning household and worsened childhood asthma. While gas stoves don’t cause asthma, they can worsen it.

Is an induction stove top really more energy efficient?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that because you don’t have to wait for an electrical element or a gas burner to heat up before they can heat anything up you can start heating up your pan very quickly. Also because the actual particles of the pan heat up, the heat is more even and faster, reducing cook times.

What are downsides of induction stove tops?

One is the fact that you can only cook with magnetic pans. Say goodbye to your 20 year old stainless steel non-stick pan, that doesn’t work. You can test compatibility by simply using one of your magnets on the fridge and put them under your pan. If it sticks, to the bottom of the pan, you may use it with an induction stove top.
​The other disadvantage is that induction stove tops are more expensive. Buying an induction stove top can be as much as $2,000. Also, the ovens are usually still standard electric.