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Make some space!

Do you have a space for your cat to lie down, or a space for your favorite house plant? We are inclined to create different spaces in our lives for a variety of things that matter to us. I am, for example, very intentional about having my little “coffee corner” in my kitchen (and in my office, for that matter).  Why shouldn’t we also have a dedicated space for our relationship with God. Such a space can be as a short underlayment with a candle. I have a little space both in my office and at home that is dedicated for just God in my life. Whenever I see it or pass by, it reminds me to say a prayer or be still for just one minute. I believe I would forget to stand still and search for God around me and inside me if I didn’t have this space. I am so grateful for it!

So – Have a little space set aside with a candle or incense and a photo of the person you love most, and dedicate it to your minute-a-day to reflect and feel the holiness around and inside you! Once you established this little space, say a brief blessing:

Blessed are You, O God, who separates between holy and ordinary.

May God bless this space and set it apart from the ordinary and daily things that happen around it.
Rev. Dom